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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 |


Real Hidden College Pussy 5

Released By : Real Hidden Video

Will we ever tire of seeing 18 - 22 year old college girls, naked or getting naked or looking up their little skirts at their perfect little asses or seeing them strip off and shower in the locker room? This edition is every bit as good as the first four: Lots of cute little babes, barely out of high school and pretending to be grown up. Sadly for them, friends, room mates, house mothers and maintenance guys seem nosier than ever! Video cameras are way down in price, and this is the result! More fantastic hidden camera footage of the world’s most innocent girls!

This free video gallery caught two sexy college babes spending some time in the hot tub. What makes it good is the fact that the girls take off their tiny bikini’s to soak in the nude, oh those nasty girls. Like your going to complain! The girls help each other off with the suits and sit back to enjoy the water jets pulsing on their private parts. It doesn’t take long for the heat of the hot tub to get them warmed up and decide to go inside for a little girl on girl play in the dorm room.

We’d like to thank Joel for the great footage from the college hidden web cams, he did a fantastic job and landed some hot women in the buff. He told us he just put the cam up a few days ago and was surprised to get some girl being naughty so soon. I hope he has hidden it well so it doesn’t get found. I don’t know about you, but I want to see some more from this cam. Let me know what you think.