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Hidden Camera Toilet

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 |


And here this sexy amateur thought she would get some privacy while in the bathroom, little did she know people like us who get overly excited watching females doing their business. I’m told a hidden camera was placed in the vent fan in the bathroom, though as usual, I can’t name the source, or who did it. We wouldn’t want to lose out on some fine footage, would we?

Today’s sexy is a blond housewife going to the bathroom without a clue that some one or something was filming her bathroom time. She pulls her skirt and thong down around her legs to go pee. Oddly, after finishing, she takes the rest of her clothing off till she’s buck naked on the toilet. It even appears that she fishes out a small dildo from her purse. Seems after relieving herself, she decides to play with her pussy to orgasm. Might was well use the room to your advantage, not like were complaining right? Also a fine set of boobs on this horny amateur wife. Just wait till the husband comes home, it’ll all be over.

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