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Changing Room Cams - Real Hidden Fitting Room

Written on April 3, 2008 – 10:03 pm

changing room cams

Real Hidden Fitting Rooms 9

Our ninth journey into the department store fitting rooms for women’s clothes everywhere revealing that young women are just getting sexier and sexier and the clothing is getting skimpier! How innocent they look as they casually strip down to bra and panties, or more likely, bra and naked pussy, ’cause none of ‘em wear panties any more! Some amazing titties and asses are captured on this tape, ordinary girls just trying to buy a new outfit… little do they know we’re all helping them choose! It’s enough to make the cynical guy go clothes shopping!

This free video set has a sexy amateur girl trying some clothes on at the local fashion store. She takes off her white sheer bra and it down to her sexy blue thong with a back side view showing how well her thong panties ride up between two perfect butt cheeks, not to mention a sweet plump ass as well. As she is bending over slightly to pull on some pants you get a great view of her full breasts hanging so nice. Is that a nipple ring on her right breast? Check out the Changing Room Cams video set.


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