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Girls in Gym Showers - Naked College Coeds!

Written on June 25, 2008 – 10:38 pm

Girls in Gym Showers

Naked College Coeds 10

Released By : Dream Girls
College girls are crazier than ever, and they’re partying harder than you could imagine!! For those familiar with Dream Girls, there is no surprise that Dream Girls has captured every shocking and revealing second to bring you this awesome new series. You’ll indulge in scene after scene, each revealing another act of uninhibite reckless abandon!!

The other girls were doing it as a joke. One of them had a video camera in the locker room. They all thought it was funny as she ran around filming the others in the shower. Just girls being girls and messing around. Lucky the coach didn’t see what they were doing!

Bad News Girls…

Some how the video got out! Some say it was one of th girls doing it out of revenge, others say one of the boyfriends got his hands on the video. Frankly I could care less how it was “freed”, I’m just happy to see the video myself and of course post it for all your perverts to get off to! Nothing like naked college girls and even better when they are all slippery and wet from all the soap and water in the shower! Check out the Girls in Gym Showers Videos before they are taken down!

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