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Spying on Sister Changing!

Written on May 24, 2008 – 4:21 am

Spying on Sister Changing

Some might call him a pervert, we are proud to call him a friend and so glad he sent us these videos. Seems Jeff (name changed to protect his identity) has been spying on his sister changing for some time now. After getting a gander of his sister we can see why he’s been peeping on the girl, we’d probably be doing the same thing if we had a sister like this.

The series captures this guys sister completely naked after getting out of the shower. In one clip she even blends over to get something out of the closet, nice plump round ass on this girl. The rest of the clips show her getting dressed, or i guessed undressed if you want to go backwards.

I don’t know where this guy hide the camera, but he’s got it in a great spot with a out standing view of his hot sister. Click here for the Spying on Sister Changing Video Set.

We’ll post any new ones he sends us, so stop by often, you never know who’s sister will show up naked next. Maybe yours?


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