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Hidden Secretary Sex

Written on February 6, 2008 – 3:35 pm


Even though she had her paperwork done and all the reports had been filed, the boss had one more “job” for his young secretary to perform, although it wouldn’t be the first time. Since he wife had been out of town, the boss thought he get as much milage out of it as he could, including enjoying some quality time with his secretary. He knew exactly what was going to happened because later that day she pulled up her dress just enough to show him she wasn’t wearing panties that day. usually she wore one of those tiny thongs that hugged between those cheeks so nice it drove him crazy all day long, yet today, she pulled out all the stops and was going commando.

Neither one of them could wait till the office cleared out, it seemed like forever before every one was finally gone, testing both of their urges. They both ran for the other room, her getting down on her knee’s to help him take off his pants. After a quick blowjob to get him in the mood, not that he needed it, she climbed on top for a bumpy ride. Later he wanted to lick that sweet firm ass before sliding in for the climax, if only his wife loved sex as much as this girl did! Little did he know the whole thing was taped for some steamy hidden secretary sex and they were the stars of the video.

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